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Alex Stovall was born in Tucson, Arizona, and is the Founder/CEO of A&R Securities, a stock and commodities business. The company aims to educate youth, and young adults about stocks and creating passive income.

Alex spent his time acting, modeling, and
 songwriting in his early high school years. He’s known for the Christian Movie, "Amazed by You", and the documentary titled the “Real Winning Edge.”

Alex played football all through out high school and received a few scholarships. After assessing and making his college team, he realized his passion was to serve others rather than playing football; he joined the Army Reserves in 2013.

Alex earned his Bachelor's Degree in 2017 in Theology with an emphasis in biblical studies from Grand Canyon University as well as his Master's Degree in Divinity in 2020. He is currently a PhD Candidate, studying Psychology with an emphasis on human behavior. 

Alex served active duty
 from 2017 through 2019 until he accepted his appointment commission into the Army Reserve Chaplain program at the end of 2019.


Continuing his passion for service, Alex studied to become a reverend, earning his license from  IMF “International Ministerial Fellowship”.  He currently serves as an Army Reserve Chaplain Candidate. As a proud veteran, Alex, is adamant about providing resources for soldiers and their families.


Alex previously served as the Regional Director for the Southeast region for BLEXIT, the organization founded for Black Americans who walked away from the Democratic Party.

Alex's passion is in reforming the systems that are currently broken that have been neglecting and suppressing Arizona residents for decades.  Empowering our families with school choice, improving our educational system, and expanding and improving business opportunities to help all Arizona families thrive.


That’s why he is running for Congress right here in Arizona’s 5th District as a proud American patriot and Republican.

Alex  has two dogs, Oden and Zeus and he helps his brother as an acting caretaker.

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